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You just booked a session

now what?

This may or may not be your first time getting professional photographs done. It can be a little overwhelming at first. What should I wear? How do I pose? What do I do? Read down below to learn all about what to do and not to do during your lifestyle session with Katy!

Wooden Surface


Each individual is SEEN in the photography while the colours all compliment each other!



Not alot of individuality in this photo. While the family still looks great, try giving Mom and Dad different coloured sweaters to add a POP!

What do I wear?

I get this question ALOT. Don't fret about having the latest fashion or the coolest shoes. What matters the most in photography is COLOUR! We want colours that COMPLIMENT each other, we don't want MATCHY MATCHY. Please AVOID blue jeans and a white top. Opt for colours in the same family. OR if you are a plaid loving family just make sure everyone's got on a different colour pant, or add a nice vest or hat to differentiate. See some examples of what to do and ALSO what not to do! 

how do I pose?

Being in front of a camera can really bring out the "awkward" side of our personalities! EVEN I get camera shy! Only a professional model will feel fully at ease in front of the camera so don't worry if you think you're going to look "stiff" or "uncomfortable". I will guide you through the whole process on where to stand, how to stand, where to put your hand. Hold your smile, don't smile, look at the lamp post, look at your shoes, ETC!! I like to have fun during my sessions and I also like to capture wonderfully pure moments. There will be times where you may feel weird because you're holding a smile or I might yell "HOLD THAT POSE THAT'S GREAT!" but I promise it won't come across in anyway awkward in the photo! You won't be standing around doing prom poses the whole time! We want movement we want laughter we want to have fun while making memories! Check out the gallery  some classic poses used in lifestyle photography.

Wooden Surface
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